Evolution of Web 1 to Blockchain & Metaverses / Casinoverses

Simply put, for those that are not familiar with tech terms, Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 are simply different stages of the Internet with the bigger the number the later the stage of evolution.

The first iteration of the web represents Web 1.0, which can be defined as the “read-only web” where it allows you to search for information and read it while providing very little in terms of tooling for content creation and user interaction. You can think of Web 1.0 utility as providing exposure.

Web 2.0 is what we can define as the “read-write web” where users can create content easily and interact with others. Web 2.0 is what the current majority of the world in 2022 is still so ‘addicted to’ as it is largely associated with social networks such as Facebook/Meta, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc. In Web 2.0 we also see the monetization of user data for advertising by centralized gatekeepers that claim to be offering a ‘free’ service.

In Web 3.0 or what we at Lucky Lady like to call Web3, is “read-write-execute web” which allows for ‘smarter’ computer-to-computer interaction over the web and consists of ownership of digital assets belonging to the creator as opposed to fully owned and operated by central bodies. This also naturally means by necessity decentralization is needed, hence blockchain, hence cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, hence NFTs, smart contracts, and metaverses such as Casino Empire’s CasinoVerse and more.

With this said, what is more important than naming conventions and labels is the utility of what you need the web for. Technology that is Web3 does not necessarily mean it is better than Web2 or even Web1, it simply is different. The best way to look at these different evolutionary states of the web is that they simply need each other to exist. To end with this thought, we will leave you with a quote “Innovation doesn’t always come in the form of a new product or new technology. Sometimes it’s about a new way to address an old problem.”

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