Social Casino Games are for Entertainment not Gambling

In this article, we break down the differences between online casinos vs. social casino games. There are also differences between online casino gamblers and social casino game players, mainly because the motivation and intention is different.

First off, Social Gamers are much more engaged than regular casino gamblers and are more community centric and generally like playing for fun. In the CasinoVerse at, because it is designed as an hybrid of play-to-earn and also free-to-play mixed in with fun MMO city builder and non-casino game aspects, the game is not gambling but better defined as skill-based entertainment.

In gambling, the player plays to win or earn money and to get some kind of a rush from winning or beating the house. If she wins big, she will usually cash out and might reduce her engagement levels in the near future and may take much more time to come back again. If she loses big, she may never come back at all. In social casino gaming & entertainment, it is more like a casino playland where there are many more aspects of social/fun engagement which motivate the player beyond just earning. A social casino player wants to compete in the game, to go up in levels, to beat her friends, achieve the highest scores on the leaderboard, win special avatar NFTs, interact with friends online by helping each other out in community events etc.

The fun part of social casinos is the community of different player types and personalities. The non-paying players generally make up the majority of the world, and they add so much fun because they contribute to the social effect. The fun players are a part of the social ecosystem and are motivated by virtual desires such as wanting to be virtually rich. Moreover, in social casinos there is always something happening that does not exist in the real world. You can claim a bonus chip reward every few hours. In regular casino gambling with real money, if you don’t intend to deposit, you have no ability to play games. And that’s no fun!

What’s your favorite casino game? Let us know in one of the Casino Empire communities and if it gets voted on enough, maybe we will add it to the product pipeline if we don’t already have it. See you in the CasinoVerse & good luck!

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