June 1, 2022 Update

This update shows off our first 3D rendered animated NFTs from our custom created 3D NFT animation generator in Blender featuring Chippy Playable NFTs. Our 3D animation generator can efficiently render NFTs that can be exported with meta-data and include a variety of animation styles as shown here with Chippy spinning, rolling, falling and jumping. We chose to create an animated Chippy collection in addition to our first Chippy (PNG image) collection release to give potential Chippy NFT holders a more premium preview of what the actual quality and animation Chippies will be when officially played in game.

The animated Chippy collection is considered Chippy Collection 2, and will come with a daily mystery loot gift which can be collected when users connect on-chain to the game. To get a Chippy, please visit our NFT Collections page for more info.

March 10, 2022 Update

This update features the test casino floor of our staging server and shows the UIUX of how games are to be displayed in the Casinoverse. While the Casinoverse is a massive multiplayer online world, the individual gameplay experience and interface of individual games will depend on the game selected and entered.

February 21, 2022 Update

The update features NPC and player interactions and awareness, communication and player controlled responses. A simple display to show bankroll updates and official numbers can easily be updated in the back office in coordination to tokenomics and economy design when ready. Scale of virtual land and avatar to object perspectives is also shown.