How Brands can Co-Create in the CasinoVerse

The CasinoVerse at is a casino themed and gaming centric virtual world powered by Web3 that provides a social experience for businesses of the future and it’s customers. The CasinoVerse will be one of many ‘verses’ in the greater overall Metaverse as mentioned by Lucky Lady founder and CEO Sandra Wong, ‘we will likely see web users visiting and traveling between one online world to another as opposed to one central dominant player.

There will be some time before users will likely be traveling from ‘‘verse’’ to ‘verse’, if you were to define it by the immersive AR/VR experience, as verses would really be input device dependent. In other words, users would be limited to the extent of what the product supports and what the technology allows. This is one of my main concerns about Mark Zuckerburg’s Meta (Facebook) version of the Metaverse as it primes itself to be the dominant player in Web3 as it did in Web2. In many ways, thinking that there would only be one metaverse winner actually is the opposite of what is at the heart of crypto and blockchain in my opinion. It is cringeworthy and would be a shame for major corporations such as Meta (Facebook) to force centralization into the decentralization era if not done ethically. Unfortunately there is a chance that this might happen, but as leaders, company owners and brands, we must remember that it is about creating a future online where we have ownership of our own assets, work, customers etc. This is what I hope to see as Web3 eventually matures.

Co-creating is the keyword of the moment as currently metaverse ecosystems are still in their infancy stages at the time of this writing. Being “tech-savvy” has never been more important because without a connection, the virtual world simply cannot exist. The future is connected and ever-more so decentralized, and the DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) will be about building digital spaces that will serve growing communities in every industry sector.

A recent interview with Wan Wei, head of Ecosystem at Multiverse Labs, a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem, spoke with CoinDesk and she noted, “When it comes to open and closed metaverse, the power of open source far outweighs the risk of corporate domination. One of my favorite Web 3 thought leaders, Naval, says that open source can be defined by a problem that only has to be solved once. Big tech companies can and will definitely try to dominate the metaverse, and in my opinion they will fail. I am of the view that open and closed metaverses will peacefully coexist, with a likely 20-80 [percent] market dominance ratio in the next 10 years. This is because digital assets can be made interoperable across blockchains and provide a wealth of benefits to open the metaverse. Companies that involve themselves in the open metaverse from early on are also likely to attempt domination. I do think there is a risk that one or two public blockchain protocols might hold a larger than proportionate market share in the open metaverse world.”

CasinoEmpire is the ‘verse’ to the world’s casino brands and entertainment content which allows non exclusivity to exist in it’s virtual lands, similar to for example, you will see a Starbucks in New York, a StarBucks in Manila, a StarBucks in Mexico. The multi-metaverse choices can be the virtual mirror of this for brands.

Here are 5 ways to get involved with the CasinoVerse with your brand today:

  1. Buy virtual land, customize and open your own casino or virtual store
  2. Create an NFT collection and add Casino Empire gaming as your NFT’s utility
  3. Sponsor one of the custom games or slot machines in the CasinoVerse with your logo and related icons etc.
  4. Create a custom collection of virtual branded merchandise for our Avatars to interact with and use inside of the CasinoVerse
  5. Giveaway NFT by artists as customer rewards and gifts

Whether you are a record label, a restaurant brand, a gaming company, a fashion line or a stay-at-home mother, you will eventually take part in the metaverse in some form if you want to interact with society. While it is anyone’s guess how the future unfolds, and the web will evolve how the web will evolve, but one thing is for sure, businesses and it’s customers will just have to keep up.

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