Guide to Virtual Land Investing 101

The Current Landscape

Types of Virtual Land

  • Undeveloped land — these are barren plots which as of the time of purchase do not have any structure on them or utility/application tied to them. You can simply sit on undeveloped land or roll up your sleeves and get building something to place there. Different platforms will have different toolsets and options for how and what you can build.
  • Developed land — Property which has a building or some utility on it such as a condo, a game or a branded store. The development on the land may provide an income stream.

How to Think about NFTs and Land in the Metaverse

  • Things can change greatly with early-stage projects and new technologies. More than the project, bet on the team. A team that has the ability (and willingness) to pivot and make hard decisions will be able to adapt and survive, which increases the odds of them generating a return on your investment.
  • Don’t expect all your investments to make money. Maybe 10–20% will do well. The rest will lose money or provide returns that are either negligible or inefficient, given the amount of time you had to hold to make the return.
  • Given the point above, making multiple bets (or a crystal ball!) is required. The odds of making only one investment and it providing the 100x return that everyone dreams of is unlikely. There is another reason to diversify as well, which we’ll get into in the next section.

Growing Your Investments & Deeper Knowledge

How to Invest


  • Consolidation and standards will make it easier to invest and attract the “late majority”
  • A new digital interactive creator economy pioneered by Minecraft, Roblox and Play-to-Earn will further drive investment and innovation
  • Major companies continuing to announce Metaverse investments will also bring more FOMO and momentum trading in the short-term, and even more opportunity long-term

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